Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Benji Marshell Going Back To NRL.

Did you know that Benji Marshell is not going to play rugby anymore. It turns out that Benji is going to be going back to NRL and might be playing for the Sharks. I am not a really big Benji Marshell fan but I think he should continue on playing Rugby. He just started and he is going to be playing NRL now. What? I think that Benji Marshell should not play any NRL and Rugby to be honest. And I think he should play for another team if he is going to play NRL. He shouldn't play for the Sharks, he should play for the Vodafone Warriors or the Melbourne Storm not the Sharks.

P.S - NRL stands for National Rugby League, I Think.


Mr Webb and Room One, New Zealand said...

I was quite surprised on one hand to hear the news that he was going back to the NRL because as you will know he said that he would never play for another club other than the Tigers and I don't think that the Tigers wanted him in the end.

I don't think he really had a whole lot of opportunity when he was playing for the Blues, and I think at his age, even though he is very, very young he still was quite old for a rugby player. Where I am from people don't really watch the blues as such, because we are in Chiefs country, but he didn't really seem to play that much.

Do you really think that he would be a good player to go to the Warriors? Is there anyone at the Warriors that you would replace him with if you had the choice?

Great to see that you are making really positive posts in the holidays I really enjoyed reading your writing.

Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki,

Rave MM said...

I don't really know who to replace him with but it will have to be a good/great player.

Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa School said...

Well we now know that he is going to the Sharks. I hope that he can re-ignite his career and it be good for him.
Mr Webb

Mr Webb and Room One, Taranaki said...

What did you think about this weeks efforts when he played against the Sharks? You mentioned in your original writing that you thought that he was going to the Sharks. Now that you know he is at St George do you think that he will do alright as a player?
Mr Webb, Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

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