Monday, 14 April 2014

Reflection for Term 1 2014!!

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be participating in A LOT of things and I have been busy. I am a Sports monitor, Tux shop monitor, Techie (Tech Person), Kapa Haka for the school, Tech person for Miss M #Tech Crew, Mr Jacobson’s light person and in this years team 2 netball team. I am glad that I have been putting myself out there and participating in things. Last year I only participated in net-ball and that was it. So I am happy this year. But…. Sometimes I am to busy and I get confused with things.  

I have made improvements/progress in participating more in school life. I have made A LOT of progress in things and I have been doing my best. I am trying to do better than last year and try and go to tournaments and compete.  

I know this because it has been great for me to do things and help. I have been helping people ever since last year so I am happy. I am also know this because I did better than last year. I have to be out there and not say I can’t do it.

I still need to work hard to improve my net-ball skills. I have been lagging behind my partner and I am not doing anything from my team. Sometimes I have been passing badly and the other team gets the ball. I also have been laughing around so I am trying to focus.

I know this because I have been shooting bad and I have been staying behind my partner and not getting in front to get the ball. I need to try and get in front and get the ball instead of staying behind and doing nothing.  

I am most proud of my efforts to push myself to do my best and to work hard and never give up. I have to be in front and I have been working hard.  

My 3 main goals for Term 2

1. Getting to know my teacher
2. Working hard with things I do and never give up
3. Lucky last, don’t muck up and do my best

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