Thursday, 10 April 2014

FiaFia Reflection!

Last night was the time our practices were going to pay off. After all of the practices to learn all the moves/actions it was time we had to perform our best. Rehearsing and planning everything to be perfect. We had to be focused and ready to perform.

First of all if you don’t know Fiafia is well, it is when my school come together and participate in groups. We choose any group that we want to be in. We just have a blast and just enjoy ourselves and be happy with our performance.  

At Fiafia I performed two times. I had to open the WHOLE thing with my Kapa Haka group. We sang three songs and people were saying we were loud. The second group was called “Precisely That”. This group was all about precision and standing straight and NOT looking up/down. And of course doing our thing.

While we were waiting to go to our holding rooms people were holding stalls that people can go to. All of the stalls sold food and drinks. Some stalls were selling lollie bags and a little easter egg raffle. I really enjoyed my burger that I got from my friend Nikita’s stall. It was nice and big and it was yummy. It made me full so that was good.

How did I feel you ask? Well, I think you might know. Nervous and worried of course that I was going to make a mistake and let my group down. But, when I got on the stage I was confident because I couldn’t see the crowd. It was like no people were watching us.

The Atmosphere was really BIG. There was 300 people watching us perform and most of the juniors were shy. Ohh, and we finished at 10.00pm so, the little kids were tired and they just wanted to go to sleep/bed. Some of them were crying and they wanted their mummy.

But sadly it came to an end and it was time to go home :(. I really enjoyed being in “Precisely That” it was fun. I would like to take this time to thank ALL of my tutors. Mr Barks, Mr Somerville, Miss Tito and Mr G. It was a good time.

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