Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hunting For Easter Eggs.

On the Easter Weekend I got to go on 2 Easter Egg Hunts with my family. The First one I had was at my Aunty's house. I got to Find some clues to hunt for the eggs and I had to cooperate with my buddy. Yes, I had a buddy. We went around the house and tried to find some Easter Eggs so we could eat them. It wasn't a competition but the first one to find all the clues got a HUGE egg that we got to keep and eat of course. But it wasn't fair for the other kids so they got a HUGE egg as well,  including me.

The Second Easter Egg hunt was at a Birthday. The birthday was for Nicole's daughter, Olivia. If you are wondering who is Nicole, she is my aunty's friend. We got to go on a Easter egg hunt and were allowed to just go around the house and find as many eggs that we could find and but in our bag. I had the biggest bag out of my cousin's and when I got home I ate half of them :).

I really enjoyed my Easter Weekend. Next year my aunty is planning something more exciting so I am looking forward to that. I was also glad that I got invited to a birthday party and my cousin's came with, and that was also excited and fun at the same time.

P.S - My Favourite chocolate brand is Cadbury.

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