Monday, 23 February 2015

After School Routine!

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Everyone had said goodbye to our teacher. The 3:00 bell went and school had finished! I grabbed my bag and my shoes and anxiously was waiting to get out the classroom door. Then, I said goodbye to my friends and headed home!

When I get home, I have to put my bag in the lounge/living room  and get out of my uniform. Then, if chore’s haven’t been done, I complete them. Normally, I have to hang up the washing or get it off the line, put the dishes away, vacuum the house or tidy up my room (which is very wise).

Once everything was done, I have to do my time tables homework. Recently, I have been practising my 1 to 12 times tables. (I’m not that good at times tables). My mum has to write down a list of time tables for me to solve and I just write the answers in.

After, all of the things I have to do are complete. I can play on my computer, ipod or play outside with my next door neighbours. I mostly just talk to them about there day or just jump on there trampoline.
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