Thursday, 5 February 2015

Introduction about ME!

This is my introduction  that will provide you information about myself. You will find out some things about my background, my hobbies, my family and my education at school.  

Hello, my name is Rave. I am eleven years of age. This year I am glad to be in a class where I can focus and learn some interesting things. This year my teacher is Miss Clark. I am currently a year 8 and I am heading off to college next year. My parents are wanting me to go to Tamaki College but I want to go to Glendowie.  I don’t want to go to TC because most of my friends are going to Glendowie.

When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher because one of teachers that teached me inspired me. Mrs Lagitupu was the one that inspired me. She just showed me how much I want to be a teacher. She was teaching me things that I would teach to my own class, one day.

While I was growing up, I lived with my mum and dad in Glen Innes,  Auckland, New Zealand. I was born at Green Lane hospital. I have lived in Auckland ever since. I have traveled to different countries like Australia and Samoa but, only to visit some family members but not to live.  

I first  came to Point England School when I was five. I haven’t moved to a different school. I haven’t moved houses, so I think that is why I haven’t moved. But even if we did move, I would still come to this school.      

Some of my hobbies include swimming, riding my bike, playing on my computer and much more. In my spare time I like to play with my brother or watch tv.  My favourite  tv program is Sam and Cat. I like it because it is very funny. Sometimes I even play with my next door neighbours who are my friends.  

I come from a family of 4. I am the oldest of 2 siblings. In my family there's my mum, dad, brother and me of course. My parents names are Yvette and Harry and my brothers name is Suade. With my family I like to go to a beach to have a picnic or go check out a new movie at the cinemas. Recently I have seen Big hero 6 and that was great.  

My favourite food is butter chicken. Whenever I go to the food court or the mall, I would always get butter chicken. I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I mostly like savouries. I will eat chocolate and cheesecake but, only sometimes. I like eating snack foods and things that have a little bit of sweet in it. Sweets are just thing I have after a meal or when I want to.

I hope you have learnt a little bit about myself. I am looking forward to learning in this classroom with you all in 2015!  


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