Thursday, 5 February 2015

Morning Routine!

Hello Everyone. Today I decided to write a post about my morning routine. So, lets get started.

Normally, I wake up around 6.30am to 7.00am. After I get out of my warm cosy bed I have to get up and get dressed into my school uniform. Then, put my socks on and move on to my face products. My face products include moisturizer and emovate cream. After that is on my face I move on to my hair. When I do my hair, I normally brush it to get all of the knots out and then tie it up in a ponytail.

Next, I go downstairs and prepare my breakfast. I normally have cereal but sometimes I have toast with nutella and banana. If I make toast, while it is in the toaster, I put my shoes on. After that is done, then I eat. I mostly eat in the lounge but sometimes I eat in the kitchen.

If I have time to watch tv after eating, I watch tv. I normally watch Icarly or Jessie. A few minutes later, I have to pack my backpack. I have to put my lunchbox in my bag and my water bottle to. Then, I just place it on the chair till we leave.

Everyday before I leave for school, I have to say goodbye to my mum and grandad. Then it is time to leave. When I go to school I go in mums car. My dad normally takes me to school because my mum has to work the night before.

Anyway, that is my morning routine and I hope you enjoyed!

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