Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2012 Learning Reflection.

What subject do you feel you did the best in this year? Why?
My favourite subject in school is writing because I think I have kicked it up a notch from the little sentences I used to wrote. Now I am writing over four paragraphs in writing stories.

What subject did you not do so well in? Why?
My least not so well subject I have not done good in is maths because I was not that great at doing Saving 100’s. When I was doing that strategy I needed help with my group mates and my teacher.

Did I manage my time wisely this year? How? e.g. finishing most tasks, working independently, getting work on the conferencing doc.
I think I have managed my time wisely because I have always been on Golden Time which means Free Time. So I think I have been spending my time wisely and have been finishing over my work properly.

Did I get Golden Time this much this year? Why or Why not?
Yes, I have got golden time this much because I always have finished my multimedia work before some people in my class and I have not been on it because I have finished and I have always finished my Writing, Reading and Maths properly.

What can I do differently next year? Why
Maybe next year my new teacher can teach me how to do Saving 100’s strategy and I can do my Writing even better.

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