Monday, 17 December 2012

Going to the Beach.

"Where should we go family"? my mum said. I replied "We should go to the beach and get ice - cream and fish and chips." So off we went up stairs and pack our togs and towels.Then we hopped in the car and drove all the way to Kawakawa Bay for a swim so we could cool off.

On the way there we saw this sign that said fresh strawberries. The other sign said ice-cream, yoghurt , and fresh strawberries. So we drove in and got a fresh creamy delicious ice - cream that was made from scratch. I exciting part was the ice - cream filled up the whole cone. It was scrumptious, creamy and very divine.

Then when we kept on travelling then my mum saw a  oyster shop, I said to my mum "Mum, I thought you didn't want oyster's"? and she replied "Hey, if I see the shop I have to go in". So we drove in and my mum brought 2 dozen premium oysters, mussels and one oyster t-shirt that said "Shuck me, suck me, eat me raw".

My family and I kept on driving on and then when we went around the corner,  we saw a beautiful beach, a park, a dairy, the beach and a some boats in the water. We drove past the park and we went to the dairy and brought some fish and chips pack and a burger and nuggets.

When we finished buying our food we went on the other side on the beach. When we were there we saw people in the water and kids building sand castles. When my baby brother saw the beach he wanted to get down there and start building a sand castle with his bucket and sand castle tools.

We walked down to the beach and I opened my brothers sand castle tools so he could play. Then  I went down into the waters edge to get a bucket of water. When I got back up my mum and dad had already set up the picnic blanket and food.

After a while my mum was dying to eat her oysters so my brother and I stopped making sand castles and had something to eat. I ate my burger, my mum and dad ate oysters and my little baby brother was eating his nuggets and some chips. After we ate my brother and I made some sand castles with his bucket, sand and water. We made two of them and put shells on it and put a river around it.

Then my Dad said "should we go now"? and I replied "Ok". Then we hopped into the car and drove all the way back to my Mum's house. My Aunty and Uncle were inside. My Aunty was sewingand my Uncle was just watching tv. Then my dad said "should we go to the pool's now"? and I replied "Ok". When we got to the pool's there were lots of people there. Most of them were kids then adults. I think people went to those pool's because it is for free.

On Saturday I had a get day because I got to have the most beautiful divine Strawberry ice - cream, I got to make some sand castles with my brother, I got to have fish and chips and I got to have a swim. So I think I had a amazing Saturday Weekend.

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