Thursday, 6 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012 :)

When I had a writing book I really didn’t like it because my hand would get pins and needles and when people get their books the books will always make an untidy mess.

But now, I have a netbook. Now I can go to different sites to help me learn and I can go to other sites to help me with cheerful words like the website, thesaurus.

I don’t like how the internet on my netbook disconnects and I can’t finish off my work, And when I do math whizz sometimes the internet disconnects and I have to do the same lesson.

A good thing I like about my netbook is I like how I get to have my own password to login and I get to change my desktop background on it. And one other thing I like how I can go on to the internet and go to my classroom class site.

I feel delighted to have a netbook. My hopes for next year is I hope to take it home in the holidays.


Alarzae said...

Wow Rave,
I really like the way you have written about your netbook I enjoyed it.

Rebekah said...

Hi rave it is rebekah. I really like how you told not only me but people around the world that about your fantastic netbook! Keep up the great work and dont give up too! you are my 3rd bff.

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