Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Shopping with my Dad

On Friday morning my dad, baby brother and I went to Warehouse Stationary and my dad brought himself  a 2 degrees smart phone. It didn't cost the normal price it only cost $59 dollars. For my dad that is cheap because the normal price is normally over $100 dollars. So my dad got a good deal.

After we went to Warehouse Stationary we went to Countdown to get some chocolates on sale for my cousin Austin, Devon and Qeutin. We also went there to get some toys for my baby brother. The toy he got was a 5 pack of cars all lined up for him. My baby brother said that is favourite one was the yellow bumble bee one.

When we finished shopping at countdown just across from there was a Sushi Bar where we went into to get some salmon sushi and chicken sushi. My dad loved the salmon one and I love the chicken one. My dad ate the whole sushi all together and I just ate the chicken and the rice and the seaweed.

When we finished eating some sushi we went to go and pick up my Aunty and cousin up from the train station so we could all go to the mall. when all of us got to the mall my dad had a pair of shoes held for him at Adidas. The shoes that were held for him were just his size and they were perfect. My dad loved his new sports shoes.

Later after we finished shopping at Adidas my dad and I went to go and shop at Cotton On to buy some summer tops for Christmas for Me. most of them were lite summer tops for summer becuase it is getting to hot to wear some hot tops and hot long pants. The nicest one out of all of them was this blue lite top that my Aunty really loved it.

When my dad and I finished shopping at Cotton On we went to Converse to get me some shoes. When we first walked in we went to the other end of the store and we found some of the most beautiful shoes that looked amazing. I tried some blue converses on that fit perfectly and I brought those But when we went to go and pay for the shoes I saw these shoes that had grey on it and black laces.

In the End after me and my dad brought our Christmas stuff we went home and wrapped them all up. I hope next Christmas I get to do the same thing.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Lesieli said...

Hi Rave,
It sounded like you had a great time looking for you own presents. Did you know that I bought me some Converses and Vanz. I might were my Converses on the first week of school.

Miss You Heaps <3 <3 !!!

Talanoa Mai said...

Wow what a big day you had out shopping and having fun with your family! It's great that your family picked up some good bargains along the way. Thanks for sharing this on your blog Rave. I'm looking forward to your next post - I bet I'll get to find out what you got for Christmas. Keep up the good posting - great to see you using your netbook in the holiday. Ia manuia le Kerisimasi ma le tausaga fou. Alofa tele atu Rave :) Mrs Tele'a

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