Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Having Fun on Christmas Day.

As some people know it is Christmas, so it is a time that family members come to go together and spend there time opening presents,  having Christmas food and having some pudding. My favourite part in Christmas is opening the presents because you get to add surprised and you get to have a reward from your parents and family.

On the morning  of Christmas Eve my brother and I got to open our presents from my dad. My first present I opened were some clothes. It was a grey and brown summer top that my dad brought from Cotton On at Pakuranga. My brothers first present he opened were his clothes that were also from my dad. There were some blue, white and orange shorts, black and orange striped sandals and a bright orange top that really suited him.

After my brother and I finished opening our presents we went with my mum to go to my Auntys house so we  could spend time with her and her dogs. We went there on Christmas Eve because when we wake up on Christmas morning we would have a Christmas breakfast with my other Aunty, uncle and cousin.

When we woke up the next morning my Aunty and I got up and cooked breakfast. For breakfast we cooked some  crumpets, pancakes, pavlova, bacon, eggs and jelly. When my other Aunty and my Uncle showed up we all sat down and I said the prayer. After I said the prayer we all started eating our breakfast.

When we finished having breakfast we got to open all of our own presents. My first present I open was from my Aunty Bunge. It was a tiny present with a card and a present. The card said that my Aunty was wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

After we finished opening own presents my Mum, Aunty, Uncle and my other Aunty were talking while my brother, cousin and I were playing with our new stuff. When we were playing with our new stuff my cousin and I were eating our chocolates we got in one of our presents, so were sharing chocolate and eating our own.

Not long after my cousin and I were eating chocolates one of my Auntys, Uncle and cousin were getting all of there gifts sorted and starting to leave. But then my Uncle said "Can Rave and Suade come with us?" and then my mum replied "Of course they can". So my brother and I packed our bags and hopped in my Uncles car and drove to there house.

On the way there my Uncle and Aunty were talking about there lunch they were going to set up when we get to there house. My Uncle started up the BBQ so he could cook the meat and the sea food like the steak, pork and the prawns. While my Uncle was cooking the meat the kids inside were playing with the toys and eating some chocolate.

When all the food was cooked we all came together and started eating. I ate some steak and some potatoe salad. My brother ate the same thing I had. After a while it was pudding time. So all the kids had to stop playing a go have some pudding. For pudding there were cheesecakes and cake with ice - cream.

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Miss Ouano said...

Hi Rave , what a beautiful Christmas you had! All the food sounds so yummy!

I really enjoyed your story. I am so proud of you! You have become such an amazing writer!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Miss Ouano :-)

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