Monday, 17 November 2014

Athletics Day - Part 1

Athletics is a 1 day or more filled with sports during that time. If you didn't know what athletics is well, now you know.

On Friday the 14th of November was the day that our School Athletics was held. Every year there is a athletics day held on the field. This year was the 2014 athletics day and I am going to be telling you about the experience.

First, our whole school started the day off with assembly. It started off like a normal Friday. After assembly the school had at least 30 minutes of class time till morning tea. Morning was at 10.30. A little bit earlier than usual.

After morning tea was when athletics had began. The gear was all set up on the field and every student at the school had to make there way to the hard courts. Once everyone was assembled Mr Burt said the prayer and then athletics had started.
All of the students were split into different year groups. So, I was in the Year 7 girls group and I competed with the year 7 girls. And same went for the other students as well.

Our first rotation was softball throw. If you don’t know what softball throw is well it is really simple. You just have to throw a softball a far distance to win. I was up first to throw and I didn't do that well. I only got the ball to the third cone. So……

Next rotation was relays. In relays you had to run with a swim noodle to the first cone and then run back. After we ran with the noodle we had to run with the baton. This time we had to run to the second cone and then come back. The first team with everyone that ran then you would win.

To be continued!

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