Wednesday, 19 November 2014


In my family I have one sibling. His name Suade. I also have a mum named Yvette and a dad named Harry. My mum is 42 years of age and my dad is 39 years of age.  My brother is 5 years of age.

In my household I live with my mum, dad, my brother and my papa. My papas name is Liva. He is from Samoa so, that means that my dad is Samoan, so I guess, I am samoan and so is my brother.

Our culture in our family is Samoan and Maori. My mum is Maori and my dad is Samoan. My dad is from Tuvalu and my mum is from Up North.  

Sometimes my cousins come over in the weekends and there names are Tyra and Brooke. They are my closest cousins to my brother and I. When my cousins come over I like to play with them and play different types of games.

In my whole entire family I have a heap of cousins, uncles and aunties. Sometimes, my cousins, uncles and aunties come over for a family lunch or dinner. Or sometimes we go to there homes for lunch or dinner.

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