Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Future Aspirations!

To Miharo Hoki
You are Amazing
Andrew Patterson
Amelia Unufe - Fashion Label/ I have a Dream
Paula Fakalata - Helps students with problems
Anthony Samuels - What Now Show.

Hook: Today, we had a very exciting surprize for us at school.

At 9.25 today all of the senior school had to assemble in the street because 4 inspiring people were coming in. There names were Paula Fakalata, Amelia Unufe, Anthony Samuels and Andrew Patterson. They were coming in to talk to us about our future aspirations.

First up to speak was, Anthony Samuels. Anthony used to be on the show ‘ What Now’ many years ago. Like in the year 1995 to 2005. He was talking to us about ‘To Miharo Hoki’. Which means ‘ You are Amazing’. Anthony was also talking about 1 phrase and 1 key. The phrase was ‘Your past does not have to determine your future’.   

Next to speak was, Paula Fakalata. Paula was talking about how you should always do your best and never give up. Paula was also telling us a story about when he was a young boy. The story was about him and how he went to a swimming championship and nearly died. It was a really surprising story.

Now it was time for, Amelia Unufe to speak. Amelia is in her 2nd year completing a bachelor of design. She is also majoring in fashion at AUT University. Amelia also was part of the “I have a Dream” programme. When she was there she got a lot of support from a range of different people.

Amelia was also was telling us that we she was in primary people thought the negative side of her instead of the positive side. People were telling her that she wouldn’t go anywhere because she was in the lowest class at school. But now, she is on her way to get a fashion label and a degree.

To end off a great morning, our senior school sang the school song ‘ Mihi Mai ra’ and Isara and Gloria said thank yous to the inspiring people. When we finished singing, the students were sent back to class and the inspiring people left.   

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