Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fireworks Night!

November 5th was the day that fireworks were set off and people were celebrating fireworks. Yesterday was the date and people were firing fireworks everywhere.

When I was playing outside I could see fireworks in the sky. The fireworks were multiple coloured and were very bright. When I was playing outside I heard my dad say “COME INSIDE NOW”, and I had to go inside.

But then, my mum came downstairs and said “what are you doing” and we said “Nothing”. Then she through a bag on the floor and she said “Look in the bag” and we got surprised with fireworks. It was a BIG surprise. Especially because we were expecting to do fireworks this year.

When I saw fireworks in the bag I was so surprised. Our mum said that we were doing fireworks this year and she was wrong. She just wanted to surprised us with fireworks.   

On my street, fireworks were the star of the street. Smoke was going everywhere and the cascades and light buzz’s were lighting up the street. Where I live all of my neighbours were doing fireworks. Except for the neighbours that are my friends.

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