Monday, 24 November 2014

My Wonderful Weekend...!

To end of a great day of the week, our class got the opportunity to go outside for sports on a Friday afternoon. We got to play all types of sports. Like, volleyball, touch, netball and many more sports. When the 3.00 o’clock bell went school was finished and the weekend had began.

On Saturday, my family and I were planning to have a family day out. We decided to go out after my mum had a decent amount of sleep. While she was sleeping, my brother and were playing outside with our next door neighbours. There names are Ethan, Rikki - Jo and Kalani.

When my mum woke up we all went to Onehunga pools. But, unfortunately it was a change for plans. My mum and dad decided not to go to the pools because they were too tired so, we just went back home. When we got home, my mum and dad just relaxed and my brother and I played outside.

On Sunday, my mum had won tickets for a breakfast at AMI netball a few days before and we went to the breakfast on Sunday. When we got to the cafe, we got to choose what we wanted for breakfast. My mum and dad got 2x big breakfast, I got eggs benedict with bacon, and my brother got a scone and bagels with cream cheese and jam. Overall, all of our meals we tasty and delicious.

When that was done, we all decided to go to the markets that was just 2 minutes away for the cafe. My mum brought veggies and my dad brought a load of strawberries. My dad brought 5 bunches and my mum brought 5 bunches so, we had 10 bunches overall.

We finally arrived at home and, my mum had a great idea. She said for my brother and I to wash the car. Wash the car for money of course. I would get $10 from my mum for washing her car and, $5 from my dad for washing his car. While we were out there washing the car, my brother and I decided to get wet under the hose in our togs.

My brother and I, washed the cars. But then, we got to play with water. My mum filled up my brothers little bath and my brother sat in it. But for me, I got wet under the hose. My mum sprayed me with the hose and I was get wet. It was a fun play with the water.

When we finished washing the car and having fun with water, my mum make my brother and I strawberries and cream. My brother and I were just sitting on the front step scoffing our mouth with cream and delicious red fresh strawberries.   

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend (like my title says). I think it was the best weekend I had with my family. My highlight of my weekend was having fun with water.    

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