Monday, 10 November 2014

Free Blog Writing - The Weekend!

In the weekend my family and I just relaxed ar home. All my brother and I did was play outside with our next door neighbours. I played with my friends Ethan, Kalani and Rikki-Jo.

On Friday the weekend had began when the 3:00pm bell went. The weekend had began and I was feeling excited. Not that we were planning anything but my cousin were coming over to have a DVD night. My cousins and I watched pranks on youtube and we watched movies as well. They also stayed the night at our house as well. That was a fun night for all of us.

On Saturday my family and I just relaxed at home. My cousin Brooke and I were just playing outside before her mum had to come and pick her up, as well as her sister. When my cousin and I were playing outside my next door neighbours were outside to. So, we played with them.

On Sunday, My dad, brother and I were just relaxing at home. We were eating, relaxing and watching t.v. When we were watching t.v my dad made tuna and ate it with crackers. That was a delicious snack.

Later that day, my dad went to the shop to get something for dinner. He came back home with chicken thighs. My dad said “ Can you come and marinade the chicken”. And I replied “Okay”. So, I got soy sauce, honey and balsamic vinegar and mixed it all up in a cup. Then, I drizzled the marinade all over the chicken. Then, I put it in the oven. The chicken tasted delicious. It just melted in my mouth.

To finish off a great weekend my dad and I were watching Fast 5 the Netball Series. It was the final day of the competition and my dad and I wanted to watch it. The Fast 5 ferns came 1st in the competition and the Australian flies came 2nd. The Jamaican Sunshine girls came 3nd.   

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