Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Athletics Day - Part 2

Our next rotation after relays was The Skipping race. All we had to do was skip to the first cone and back. When that was accomplished, we got to have a little fun with the skipping ropes. We got to do skipping and play over the moon with the ropes.

After The Skipping race we had to do the ladders and hurdles race. When we did the race we had to run through the ladders and the jump over the hurdles. Then, we had to race. The first team to complete the course had won.

When we had finished the ladders and hurdles, our next rotation was Shot Put. When we did shot put there we two male helpers that were helping us to throw the shot put properly and how to throw it. When I through it, I didn’t do that well. In 1st place was Ata, 2nd place Jordenne and in 3rd place was Iron.

After Shot Put it was time for lunch. Lunch was only 30 minutes long so we would have enough time to do rotations. A little bit of time for lunch. When lunch was over the girls and I was going to do High Jump. In high jump I am a right hand writer so I ran with my right leg. Unfortunately I didn’t make the top 3 but, In first place was Jordenne, 2nd place was Asena and in 3rd place was Mua.

When high jump was finished our next rotation was sprints. When we did sprints we had to run 50m and then 100m. I didn’t run because of a knee injury but the other girls ran. Jordenne and Josephine came a placing and so did Janise. I don’t know what placing they got.

Sprints was the last rotation. Today, we are going to be finishing off rotations we didn't do on Friday. I will write about that soon!

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