Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Happy 360th Birthday Blog!!!

Today it is my blog's  birthday. This is my 360th post. To celebrate my blog's birthday I am going to be telling you story about a game that I love the most.

minecraftThe game that I love the most is Minecraft. Minecraft was created by a swedish programmer named Markus Persson. AKA ' Notch '. The developers that developed that game of course, are 4J studios and Mojang. Mojang also published the video game in 2009.

Minecraft was released May 17th 2009. I first started playing Minecraft in the year 2010. I was introduced the game by my cousin Kauri. He was introduced by his brother Phoenix. I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years.

Minecraft is a sandbox independent video game. To play the game you have to know the controls and how to place blocks and how to destroy blocks. On pc and xbox you can change your controls. On Ipod and Ipad you can’t.  

There are many devices with Minecraft on it. You have the PC, Ipods, Ipads, Xbox 360 and Playstation. But there are still more. Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Samsung are some examples.

To survive your first night in Minecraft you need to collect resources and food to live. If you want to know how to survive your first night click on these links and you will know how to.

Video 1 - First
Video 2 - Second
Video 3 - Third 
Video 4 - Fourth
Video 5 - Fifth
Video 6 - Sixth

If you watch the five videos you might get a vision of how Minecraft is played.

In Minecraft you can protect yourself by making armor and weapons. There are different types of armor you can make/wear. There is diamond, gold, iron, leather and chain armor. And diamond, gold and iron weapons.

In Minecraft there are all sorts of different blocks. For example Dirt, sand, clay, grass, wood and many many more. The type of ores that you can get are diamond, gold, iron,  lapis lazuli, redstone and emerald.

In Minecraft there are things called ‘ MOBS ’. Mobs are things that kill you at night in Minecraft. There are all sorts of mobs. Zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders are the most common to spawn at night. Spider-jockeys and chicken-jockeys are very rare to find.   

In Minecraft there are different dimensions that you can go into as a player. One dimension is the Nether. In the nether you can discover netherrack, nether quartz and much more. You can also discover other mobs like zombie pigman, magma cube, ghast, weather skeleton and blaze.

 In Minecraft there is a thing called mining. Mining is what you do to find different types of ores and you can discover different blocks as well. When you go mining it is best to take touches, a bed, any kind of blocks, armor and weapons. If you go deep down in the mining spot that you are in it is best to leave a trail of touches from where you came from or nerd pole up. If you watch the third video you will know how to prepare and mine.

Lego has started releasing Minecraft-based products. Here is a picture of it.  You have the village, the Nether, The Forest, & of course, The End.

Just a reminder this is my 360th post and it is my blog’s birthday! I hope you have a great day! Bye.

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