Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Made up Story - Narrative.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Emma and she is a talented story writer. Emma loves to write and to showcase stories to the world. She loves to write stories about adventures and comedies.

One day Emma went to the supermarket and buy some products. Then, she saw a flyer that said “ Looking for a new United States of America, Auditions are soon” the dates were on the bottom of the flyer. And Emma thought to herself “ I could be the president”.

Later that day, Emma was wondering to herself “ When is the auditions?” So, she went to the White House and she said to the guards “ I am here for the auditions”. And the guards said “ Come on in”. So, Emma went in for the auditions.

When she walked into the White House gates she was amazed. She had seen things that she had never seen before. When she enter the White House she was more amazed by the sculptures and statues.

Then, she saw the president. The president was all ill and not feeling well. Emma thought to herself “ No wonder way they are looking for a new president”. The president is sick and might not be able to work anymore.

Anyway, the auditions had began. There was only one more person then it was Emma’s turn to show the president the best of her. She gave the audition her best shot and tried her hardest to get the spot. After all of the auditions they were going to announce the person that got the spot. “ The one that got the spot is Emma” said the president.

Emma was shocked. She thought that she wasn’t going to be president. But, she is. Emma was so happy though to be president. Now that she is president she was so happy. She got to go to meetings with the other presidents  and she was glad that she was the president.

The End.  

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