Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Guy Fawkes!

What are fireworks you might ask? Well, fireworks are filled with chemicals and explosives. Fireworks is made out of gunpowder and other ingredients. There are different types of fireworks but they are all made the same way.

Fireworks are things that get set off once a year every November the 5th. Fireworks are set off to celebrate the safety of King James. Fireworks are also just things that you can set off just for fun as well.  

Every year you can choose if you want to do fireworks or not. You can just stay in your house and watch other fireworks instead, if you are not setting them off.

Some firework brands that you can get are Showtime, Black Cat, TNT fireworks, megabanger fireworks and much much more. If I had to choose the best fireworks I recommend badboy fireworks. I think that are great fireworks. They are loud fireworks and in different boxes there are very explosive fireworks. In New Zealand, Badboy fireworks are the best around so, I think you should get them.

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