Friday, 21 November 2014

Thurday Night Market

Yesterday night was the night that my dad, brother and I went to the Night Markets Underneath Dressmart. If you don’t know what the night markets are well, it is when people are holding stores at night in a car park underneath shops in Auckland suburbs.

When I found out that we were going to the night market I was so overwhelmed and so was my brother. We were going to the night markets with my aunty and my cousins. We were leaving at 8.00pm to go to the night markets and will arrive at 8.30pm.

After we arrived at the night markets, the car park was filled with people and stores. Wherever we looked we could only see people and stores. And smell the different types of food that was there. There was asian food, chinese food, samoan food, sweet food and many many more.

While we were walking around the markets we could smell food, and that was making us hungry. We walked to the best BBQ place there and it smelled delicious. You could just smell the smell of marinaded meat and big beef burgers. My dad and auntie brought to BBQ plates and I brought a lil mama burger.

After all of our food was sorted, my cousin decided to go and play this game where you have to through a ring over a prize and if you get it over, you get the prize. My cousin and I didn’t do that well. I tried to get the head buds and so did my cousin. In the end we both failed and we just got a soft drink each.

When we finished playing the game, we all decided to go back to the car and eat. While we were eating my burger tasted really nice. With all of the bacon, the pattie and the sauces, the burger tasted good. The BBQ also tasted good as well. Especially the potato and pasta salad.

Sadly, the night came to an end and we had to go back home. Overall, I think that night was fun and especially really packed with people. I  think whenever you go to a night market, I recommend to get a churro or try BBQ that you see.     

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Great writing Rave! My family and I enjoy going to the night markets too. We went to the one at Pakuranga last weekend. My daughter Julianna loves the churros there. They drizzled lots of chocolate and caramel sauce over them...YUM! Thanks for sharing.

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